St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Udaipur
Message from the Principal
                     "Satyam Muktaye"

St. Paul's school provides education with a vision. The educational legacy of our school is to prepare children for a life worth living founded on the Motto: "Satyam Muktaye". Students learn various subjects and vital moral and ethical values from the activities conducted. Our school believes in co-ordinating all the activities based on specific themes for each session,
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Theme for the Year
What really makes life meaningful is our attitude : attitude to the world in which we live, attitude to diverse types of people, attitude to different issues in society and finally attitude to crises and problems which occur in life. If we develop positive attitudes we can experience joy, success and peace in life. On the other hand if we choose to be negative in our attitudes we suffer and make the world around us also suffer…….
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