St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Udaipur
  1.  Academic Achievement Award : Certificate of appreciation for General proficiency will be awarded to
       ten toppers of each class
  2.  A certificate of appreciation and a trophy each to the School Topper of Class XII AISSCE Examination,
       both in Science and Commerce
  3.  A certificate of honour to all the meritorious students of  X and XII Examinations
  4.  A certificate of special honour with a memento if a student gets 100% attendance
  5.  A certificate of special honour with a memento if a student gets 100% marks in any subject in all
       the examinations conducted during an academic year
  1.  The Most outstanding student of the year : only for Class XII students
  2.  Outstanding Sports Star of the year
  3.  Paulian Athelete of the year
  4.  Jewel of the School Award : For State and National Level Achievers
  5.  Promising orator of the year
  6.  Media Star of the year : Whose names and photos appeared in Newspaper
  7.  School icon in moral and social values
  8.  Inter-School and Inter House Achiever Award
  9.  All round excellence in cultural activities
10.  Special Rolling Trophy for the best disciplined class Category
  • LKG to I
  • II to IV
  • V to VIII
  • IX to XII
11.  A special prize for the Cleanest Class
12.  Model Monitor Award
  • from classes LKG to I
  • from classes II to IV
  • from classes V to VIII
  • from classes IX to XII
The important pre-requisites for getting an award are :
  • regular attendance, good conduct and refined behaviour
  • passing in all the examinations and tests
  • must be in the school for the whole academic session
  • failure to pass or absence from any of the examinations or tests or withdrawl from the school OR lack of cooperation from the parents, will disqualify the student from getting an award or a prize
  • must never have received a yellow, pink and red card
  • full compliance with the rules, regulations and ideals of the school
  • in case a student is debarred from receiving a prize or certificate, the next student who fulfills the conditions is entitled
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