St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Udaipur
Principal's Message

Dear parents, respected teachers, loving students and generous well wishers, of St. Paul's School, Udaipur, Namaste!

Hope all of you are keeping well by the grace of God! I am extremely happy to have come to the historical city of Udaipur to steer this prestigious institution of St. Paul's School, Udaipur that is 67 years old. I am proud of its tradition of excellence and consider my appointment as a God-given opportunity to serve you all.

Times are a bit different now …. And to steer a ship through troubled waters require the co-operation and dedication of the complete crew. I am sure that you will extend your support in every area and we together will emerge as winners in this trying times.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing many things, especially school education. It has taught us to be responsible for oneself and others by following the steps to stop the spread of virus. It has necessitated greater use of technology in daily life. It has changed the list of key competencies that a teacher and a student requires.

We will soon be resuming our online classes on a new platform. We are also launching our School app for students and teachers for more effective communication. I will soon be writing to you with regard to the details.

Dear Students, please remember, learning means working hard. Whether online or offline, you need to dedicate enough time for your studies and commit yourselves to your learning goals. A word of caution :- To reduce your screen-time, you may have to reduce your online games and social media time because learning is more important. You need to plan your complete day, including your free time and seek help from your parents and teachers. Online classes are real classes and you need to be real students.

I wish each of you All the Best and God Bless You!