St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Udaipur
 1.  Arts and Drawing Competition
 2.  G.K. Exams
 3.  Mathematics Olympiads
 4.  Physics Olympiads
 5.  Astronomy Olympiads
 6.  Chemistry Olympiads
 7.  NTSE
 8.  Games
       a. Basket Ball
       b. Football
       c. Cricket
       d. Table Tennis
       e. Badminton
        f. Handball
       g. Volley Ball
       h. Lawn Tennis
 9.  N.C.C. Air and Navy Wing
10.  Scout and Guide
11.  Sports and Games in all disciplines
      Our students participate in competitions at :
       a. School Level (Inter - House)
       b. Inter School Level
       c. District Level
       d. State Level
       e. National Level
        f. CBSE Tournaments
12.  Physical Displays
13.  Drills and March Past Practices