St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Udaipur
Vision and Mission
Our Vision :
We have a vision for our scholars. Each Paulian must :
1. Greet life with cheer.
2. Concentrate on making a life more than a living.  
3. Be Capable of choosing the right from the wrong.
4. Build up self-confidence, self-discipline and a liking for hard work.
5. Be enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about the daily chores of life.

Our Mission :
We at St. Paul’s are directed, guided and animated by the values taught by Jesus. So our Mission is :
1. To provide quality and enriching education that would help them to forge human bonds with divine help.  
2. To foster a spirit of love and gratuitous service for others.  
3. To help every child progress in every phase of life, according to God’s plan.